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There are very many benefits of spending time on Neopets. Obviously, it is a good game to play. However, the sense of community one gets by playing the game is extremely valuable. You can play the game, share achievements and progress within the community, and generally have fun. But you need neopoints for this.


In simple terms, neopoints can be referred to as the main currency that you use when you want to play the game of Neopets. Armed with as many neopoints as possible, you will not only manage to purchase morphing potions, but also afford paint brushes, draik eggs, among other things you’ve always thought about while playing your favorite game. In addition to this, buying Neopoints will also allow you to fully interact with the community that plays the game in interesting, and effective ways. For instance, by buying Neopoints, you can open a store and offer giveaways to others within the community, among other things. It is also important to note at this stage, that, without enough Neopoints, you will find it extremely challenging, or restricted interacting with the community that plays this beautiful game.


There are many ways to get Neopoints; the first one is by earning neopoints in the community. This is extremely tough. If you can’t earn enough points to cover your activities, the best you can do is buy Neopoints online. Because of the affordability, you don’t have to break a leg to buy some. For only a few dollars, you can be able to access a lot of points that will allow you to win big in the community, legitimately. This is where we come in. We can help you buy Neopoints online. Or rather, you can buy Neopoints online from us to enjoy your favorite game, whilst in a rich, and great community that plays the game. The top two reasons why you should think about buying Neopoints from us, and not anyone else are:
  • Legitimacy of our NPs- We offer 100% legit Neopoints which is something not many people do. None of those who buy Neopoints from us report their accounts being frozen by TNT.
  • Safety- Safety is at the core of what we do. We always put our customers first. This entails only using the safest Neopoints, which we earned by playing continuously over the years.
Another Reason: Because we're the best!

But you were expecting something a bit different eh? Alright, we’ll give you some insight. Our team, consisting of 7 different long-term neopets players have been on this game accumulative of 50+ years. The site has only been open since 1999 so how is that possible? Well the first 3 players have each been online since mid-2005. The rest of them vary in terms of how long they’ve been playing. So we know our stuff, and have a stock of items that would make King Coltzan weep. Yes that King Coltzan ~ 

King Coltzan - Buy Neopoints
So the real question is why not Buy Neopoints from us? Well I’ll give you a list of why you should.
  • Crazy fast delivery times compared to our competitors.
  • Great Prices and Frequent Giveaways!
  • Dedicated to only our customers the money we make is to keep our website active and pay the employees.
  • Reliability and Safety, there is NO chance of being frozen by TNT for purchasing from us.